The website of Buro Blanchard contains information that has been compiled and is and will be maintained with the utmost care. Nevertheless, no assurance can be given that the information, on this website is up-to-date, complete and without error.
No rights can be derived to the information published. So please always do ask written or oral advice based on concrete circumstances.

Privacy statement

In the relationship we maintain with you as a client, business relation or visitor of our website, we collect personal data from you in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation as below.

Personal data, which we receive from you as a (potential) client or business relation, we use exclusively for the purpose you shared those with us, that is to say for the benefit of our legal business services to you. As part of our services to clients and business relations, we will keep you regularly informed by email of legally relevant events and developments in your field of business.

 The website of Buro Blanchard does not collect data from its visitors, other than the anonymous data for statistical information about page visits. Regarding links from our website to other website the privacy statements of those websites apply. If you send email from the website of Buro Blanchard, your data will only be used to respond to your email. If you register via the website for the monthly Buro Blanchard newsletter, your data will only be used for that purpose.

 With regard to your personal data, you have the right to information, i.e. the right to hear from us whether we collect data from you and if so, then:

  1. what data (name, payment, purchase data, etc.) we collect from you,
  2. on what grounds (agreement or permission),
  3. for what purposes and
  4. for how long (no longer than necessary) we intend to preserve these
  5. to whom (processors or third parties) these will be or have been provided
  6. what rights you have to us:
    • right to inspect the collected data
    • right to rectification of data that is not or no longer correct
    • right to (erase) (incorrect) data
    • right to object to processing (eg for direct marketing purposes) or to withdraw consent previously given
    • right to request restriction of processing and / or use under certain circumstances
    • right to complain to the Dutch Data Protection Authority
    • right to information about the source, if the data comes from third parties
    • right to information about the intended use plus underlying logic and the expected consequences for you, if automated decision making (including profiling) is used based on the data
    • right to information on appropriate safeguards, in case of processing outside the EU,
    • the right to a copy of the personal data processed in a conventional electronic form (data portability).

For any questions or comments regarding this privacy statement, please contact